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Safety iPass for Parents

As school districts across the country are trying to reopen schools, they are struggling with how to do it safely. The schools’ primary concern is how they are going to create an environment where parents, students and staff not only feel safe coming to school, but that they are actually doing everything they can to make it safe for everyone.


Following CDC, state and local guidelines, schools are being asked to put a health screening process in place. This process includes having every student, staff member and visitor complete a health survey which asks questions regarding their current health status. A manual screening process can take 2 or 3 minutes to complete. Even if you have everyone complete a paper survey everyday before they arrive at school, the survey has to be reviewed for completeness, the status has to be checked and verified, and the surveys all have to be collected and the data extracted from them. When you are often talking about having several hundred students and staff complete that survey, you can imagine how big a task that quickly becomes. 

Email_500x340_2The Safety iPass allows for the health surveys to be emailed to the parents everyday to be completed and submitted electronically. The Safety iPass then issues the student a Digital Entry Badge (DEB) which will quickly show the school screeners they have been pre-certified to enter the school; kind of like getting a fast pass at an amusement park. Once the student is at school, they will have their DEB scanned and verified. Once the DEB is verified, the student is allowed to enter school.  

This verification process can take as little as 2 seconds per child, there is no paper survey to get lost or completed, and all of the appropriate data is collected automatically.

What is Safety iPass?

A system for COVID-19 with optional self-certification and temperature screening, facility entry verification, and close contact listing.



Speed up entry into the facility and reduce the time students spend in lines getting their temperature checked at school and answering questionnaires.


Gain your staff's confidence that all people entering the school have gone through pre-certification at home or manual certification at the school. Reduces the time for staff to enter the facility, and staff have an up-to-date picture of student health risks in their class.


Control access to the school for all visitors. Encourage all visitors to not attempt to come to the school facility when sick to reduce the risk of exposure to students and staff. Manage vendors and contractors with the same simple approach.

Safety iPass Process (K12)

Parents Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I let my school know my child is feeling well and is safe to go to school?

    Your school will send you an email every morning at the same time. This email will request you to click a link that will take you to the precertification health survey. Complete that form as instructed. Based on your answers, your child will be given a different color Digital Entry Badge (DEB). If your child receives a “Green” DEB, they will be allowed to go to school. If you are unable to complete the survey, your child will be given a “Grey” DEB and will be required to complete the health survey at school. The district can also use other colors for customizing other specific badge statuses. If for any reason the school can’t certify your child at school, you will be notified and asked to come to school to pick up your child.

    For more answers to commonly asked questions, click here.

  • What if I don’t have email, or access to a computer or other electronic device?

    The best way to pre-certify your child is to use an email. If you don’t currently have an email address, contact your school’s technology department and they would be happy to assist you. If that is not an option, your child will be certified at school by completing the certification manually. The manual process can take a few minutes and might delay your child from getting to class on time.

    For more answers to commonly asked questions, click here.

  • Why do I have to complete the health survey everyday?

    The nature of this virus is that it generally shows symptoms two days after someone has been exposed, but it can also take between ten and fourteen days to show symptoms. This virus is unpredictable and we can’t be certain when someone was actually exposed. This means you could be tested one day, only to be exposed shortly after the test was conducted. So you might be negative at the time of the test, but show symptoms the day or two after the test was taken. The school needs to know how your child is feeling everyday to ensure they are aware of illnesses as soon as possible to help protect the rest of the students and staff.

    For more answers to commonly asked questions, click here.

  • Why do I have to complete the health survey even though my child is learning remotely?

    There are a few reasons you need to complete the health survey everyday, even if your child is learning remotely.

    1. As described in FAQ above, the virus is unpredictable.

    2. If your child is on an alternating hybrid learning schedule, they may start showing symptoms at home. The school would then need to make sure the other students your child came into contact with were notified.

    3. If several of the other children in your child’s class also report being sick, the school can take extra precautions to sanitize your child’s classroom to help protect the other cohorts using your child’s classroom.

    4. It helps the school collect data to help them make the best decisions for your child, other students and staff


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  • How do I certify my child using the CrisisGo app?

    In addition to the option of using the Report button in the certification email, parents and guardians can certify students using the CrisisGo app. 

    For detailed information, click here.

  • What if I forget to complete the pre-certification health survey?

    If you forget to complete the health survey before your child leaves for school, you can still complete it and certify your child. If your child reaches school and has not been certified, their status will show a “Grey” DEB and they will be directed to the Non-certified screening station. If your child knows they have not been certified to enter the school, they should go directly to the Non-certified screening station where they will be assisted in completing their health survey and have their temperature verified. If for any reason your child is not able to be certified, you will be notified and asked to pick your child up.

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  • What do I do if I did not receive the certification email today?
    For detailed information, click here.
  • What can I do to help keep my child safe from the virus at school?

    You, your child and your entire family are an important part of keeping everyone safe at school. Talk with your child and teach them the importance of social distancing, good hygiene and wearing a mask. Also, tell them why it is important to stay home if they are feeling ill. If you have any questions or concerns, please talk with your school officials, your primary care doctor and your public health official.

    For more answers to commonly asked questions, click here.

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Visit our support pages here, where you can often find a quick answer to your questions. If you can't find what you are looking for, our support team is eager to help and available 24/7.


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