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Safety iPass

An innovative solution for returning to school with pre-certification, temperature screening, entry verification, and close contact tracing.


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Safety iPass

CrisisGo’s Safety iPass offers the most streamlined and secure way for schools to manage the full scope of their COVID-19 safety needs. As the result of our COVID-19 Crowdsourcing and Safety Research Project started in early March, Safety iPass provides schools with the technology needed to manage safety protocols and immediately respond to incidents while returning to school in a COVID-19 environment.
Schools use Safety iPass to safely admit students, staff, and visitors into school buildings or school buses by using the pre-certified digital badge to confirm that every person is safe to return. Like a “fast pass” for airports and services, Safety iPass speeds up the ability to confirm stakeholders' safety status and get them into a safe learning environment while monitoring school safety information for data-driven decisions.
With Safety iPass, schools can cover the full spectrum of COVID-19 safety, from pre-screening and entry management to actionable reports, close contact tracing, and escalating safety data to local health departments.

How Safety iPass Works

  • Parents pre-certify students daily by clicking on the pre-scheduled email and completing the COVID-19 survey questions and temperature check at home.
  • Students, staff, and visitors can be quickly verified at school by the CrisisGo student app badge or other select student ID badges.
  • Getting students to class safely and quickly helps reduce social distancing risks of congregating during the entry process.
  • A  fast entry method allows students, staff, and visitors to enter and avoid potential poor weather conditions quickly.
  • Monitoring student and staff COVID-19 symptoms allow the district to act immediately when a positive COVID-19 test is reported.
  • Safety iPass has a built-in close contact listing tool to immediately identify students, staff, and visitors who have been in close contact with a person that has tested positive.

What Screening Could Look Like

Elmwood Park Community Unit School District 401 is using Safety iPass to screen students and scan them in each morning. They made an instructional video for their parents to illustrate the process. See how easy Safety iPass could make screening in your district.

401 Elmwood Park


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Using Safety iPass

CrisisGo's Safety iPass is helping Long Branch Public Schools in New Jersey safely return. Long Branch SD has 8 schools and about 6,000 people using Safety iPass every day.

Listen to Superintendent Dr. Michael Salvatore share how his schools use Safety iPass to assist in their morning routine.

Long Branch Public Schools



Learn more about our customer's success

Tools for a Quick and Secure Entry Process

Daily Pre-Certification

Design and schedule daily pre-certification emails. Employees receive an email to complete the COVID-19 symptoms report and temperature check. Employees immediately receive the badge on the CrisisGo app (available on Android and iOS) or via email.

Entry Validation 

Employees will be validated as they enter the building. This validation can be completed by scanning the employee's CrisisGo app entry badge or other pre-determined employee ID badges. In the event that an employee does not have a badge, simply looking up the employee on a web browser will provide entry validation.

Safety Data Monitoring

Easily monitor student, staff, and visitor health statuses, flagging anyone who reports a positive COVID-19 test. These reports are escalated to school health services to start the process of close contact listing of anyone exposed for quick notification and action.

Close Contact Listing

Safety iPass synchronizes with Student Information Systems (SIS) and utilizes the data from entry badge scanning and our advanced hybrid scheduling module to accurately determine potential exposures to confirmed COVID-19 cases through close contact listing.

Works for Every Stakeholder


Speed up entry into the facility and reduce the time students spend in lines getting their temperature checked at school and answering questionnaires.


Gain your staff's confidence that all people entering the school have gone through pre-certification at home or manual certification at the school. Reduces the time for staff to enter the facility, and staff have an up-to-date picture of student health risks in their class.


Control access to the school for all visitors. Encourage all visitors to not attempt to come to the school facility when sick to reduce the risk of exposure to students and staff. Manage vendors and contractors with the same simple approach.

Safety iPass Process (K12)

Standard School Entry Methodology

Need help creating a building re-entry plan? Click below to download the Standard School Entry Method (SSEM) to start formalizing your process to get your students and staff back in school as safely as possible.

Have a Question About Safety iPass?

  • How much will Safety iPass cost?

    Safety iPass is $6 including Contact Listing, or $4 without Contact Listing per user with no activation or training fees. Discounts available for existing CrisisGo customers and in large volumes. For an exact quote, get in touch with us.

  • How will I know if my child has an in-person or remote schedule today?

    If your student participates in a hybrid learning model, your child will typically be assigned an “A” cohort schedule or a “B” cohort schedule. These schedules are tied to the roster and school calendars, so you will be sent a reminder on your self-certification email whether your student should go to school or is assigned as a remote learner on any particular day.

  • Does Safety iPass support multiple languages in the daily screening survey?

    Yes. The screening questions, emails and iPass badges can be created in different languages including: English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Swahili, Arabic, Urdu, Korean, Kinyarwanda and Rade.

  • Where is the badge scanner located?

    The badge scanner can scan both QR codes and barcodes. The scanner is located in your CrisisGo app on your smartphone. Press the “more” button (three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner). Scroll down to the tab that indicates “Badge Scanner,” and it will turn on your scanner. The scanner works best with QR codes, but barcodes also work well.

  • What is the best screening method for elementary students?

    Parents should complete the survey screening questions daily for pre-certification, allowing the school to verify their health status before entering. Alternatively, schools can produce ID cards with the student's photo, and a QR code can be scanned to verify their entry status. Lastly, schools can print out a daily roster with a barcode associated with a student to verify status.

  • Does staff need to report and certify every student daily?

    Yes. For the same reasons, students and visitors need to complete the self-certification survey, and staff will need to complete the survey each day.  This provides a daily status for each staff member, allowing the district and public health to spot trends. It also helps identify staff members who have symptoms at the earliest possible opportunity, even if they are teaching remotely.

  • How are visitors pre-certified?

    If the visitor knows they are coming to campus, they can pre-certify by clicking on the link on the school’s website. Visitors can also certify manually once they arrive at school by following the school’s established procedures.

  • Can students use an existing ID badge for entrance with their QR code?

    Yes. If they have completed the pre-certification survey, they can use their student ID with a barcode or QR code to show their status.  They can also certify manually at school should they need to for any reason.

  • What is close contact tracing?

    The close contact tracing software allows you to identify those students, staff, and others who may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.  This feature allows the school and public health officials to make notifications and investigate possible exposures and the need to have certain people isolate themselves to help prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Can I preview the Safety iPass experience?

    Yes, you can experience Safety iPass yourself by clicking here and generating your badge. You can play with different survey answers to generate various badge types.


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